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Deciding to engage a celebrant for any type of service can be a huge decision. Be it a wedding or a funeral; you should be as comfortable as possible with that person. 

Reading about a celebrant on their website can be a very good way to get a 'general idea; of someone. 'Word of mouth' is no doubt your best bet. After-all, people won't speak very well of someone that hasn't put their 'heart and soul' into a service.

And it is at this point that I must apologize in advance! On the odd occasion as I've been running around the supermarket (usually with my farm jeans on and looking like I've just arrived from the bush) I pass people that I've helped with in the past. But because I'm under stress from (losing my cellphone, which was the case back in February) but more realistically because I have helped with a number of families; it's not always easy to remember everyone's name or at which event it may have been at. With some of my families that I've looked after for weddings and funerals especially; extended family members acknowledge me months later. 

If I look 'blank' when you have said "hello", then I'm truly sorry. Everyone has been equally important and special while I have had the privilege to help them through their day. 

So please don't take it personally and give me a 'wee' reminder as to who you are if I happen to look somewhat confused!!



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