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Introducing - Salsies Maize

Salsies Maize

I planted a maize around five years ago and it's 99% ready with Hector the Hedgehog and Elsie the Owl as featured guests. The maize is awesome (even if I say so myself) and with our vast lawn area, aviary garden that has the old family car which is a Humber Snipe sitting pride of place, an arena and a marquee to be positioned closer to November when things dry out, the options are endless for fun. Kids parties, Devonshire teas or even 'hens afternoons' would be great (weather dependent) and there are quite a few areas for photos. We do have a creek and stock so anyone wishing to visit would need to be mindful of the dangers that these can bring. Give me an email or text/phone 0272450728 with expressions of interest. 

Weddings, Civil Unions & Vow Renewal 

It is quite an extensive process to become 'Approved' as a Marriage  Celebrant. And it's wonderful that the need to apply as a 'Civil Union Celebrant' has been removed with the legalization of gay marriage in New Zealand from August 2013!

They are now the same role but each role had to be applied for individually in the past. Applications are all done through the Justice Department (Births, Deaths & Marriages) and letters of recommendation, extensive application forms and sometimes an interview must be undertaken.

If and once approved by the Registrar-General (not everyone is and many have re-applied and still haven't been offered approval)  then a celebrants name is published in the NZ Gazette  and can be found on the Births, Deaths & Marriages website. Only people on this site can officiate at a wedding or civil union. (Listed under 'independent' celebrants)

Since being approved as a Marriage and Civil Union celebrant I have thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of being a part of the services that I have helped with. And all have been quite unique.

My belief is that the day should be about the couple, their wishes, desires and what they want. It's my place to help with ideas and getting it all together, so that the service is unique and personal to them. It shouldn't be a stressful time, as it so often is, but a time of confidence, knowing that you are joining together on a continuing path towards the future and having fun along the way. 

So remember; my involvement is only as a 'helper', to give ideas and offer advice; not to tell you how to plan your day. After all, that's exactly what it is - Your day!

With your planning, most include a venue; flowers; photographer; catering/food; Brides dress; Grooms outfit; Bridesmaids; cars etc and it all adds up.If you've read down to here then you will now realize the extensive process it has taken me to become a celebrant. And I know that with myself, I have put a lot of time, thought and cost into endeavouring to be the best that I can.

Without the Celebrant, there wouldn't be a service; and without a service there wouldn't be a celebration!

And a mention about your service. Take your time to prepare. Take the same amount of time as it would  to choose your dress/s, flowers, cars etc. Many couples want to get the 'service' out of the way as soon as. This could be because they don't like to be the 'centre of attention', public speaking or having to verbalize their intimate and very personal feelings to the one standing in front of them.

I've ways to help ease this anxiety and your guests are there to hear these words. They're there because you've invited them to witness one of the most special days within your life. They want to be able to be a part of the celebration and if a service is too short, with not a lot of thought having gone into it, it really is a shame. So put aside your inhibitions and think only about the way you would like your service to be and leave the rest to me!!

I have helped out with services in Invercargill, Riverton and surrounds; Nugget Point, Curio Bay, The Catlins and Queenstown. People from overseas; South Island of New Zealand and the local community. In gardens, on beaches, in houses, sheds, chapels, racecourses, parks, rotundas and more ~

Two of my favourite venues would be Hawthorne Gardens and Beersheba Boutique. Both venues are hosted by professional people who treat their couples with respect and go out of their way to help; without interfering or trying to control the event. 


During the past years I have been given the humbling privilege of helping families during their time of personal grief. Helping with funerals is where my true passion lies. After the loss of my parents within a month of each other, I can honestly say that I'm able to have empathy and understanding of what some families have to go through.

The steps that go toward helping with a family are always with respect and in conjunction with the Funeral Director. Between us we help and offer ideas for every aspect of a service i.e. burial, cremation, venue; chapel, graveside, refreshments; flowers; recording; Skype in some cases and the service itself. The ideas can be endless and my input is only to guide, offer ideas and reassurance. A funeral service should never be a 'drama' but a 'celebration of the life' of the one that has been lost to us.

I can get extremely nervous before taking any service and I was once told that 'when you lose those nerves then you shouldn't be doing what you're doing'!

I'm also in the fortunate position to be a 'part-time funeral director' for one of the funeral homes. This has given me the knowledge of the 'other side' of things within this complex and rewarding part of the final journey for those that have been lost to us.

Baby Naming

What a delight to be able to help out with the naming of a baby! This is truly at the other end of the scale for me. Naming a baby is something that marks the beginning of a unique little individual and nothing gives me more pleasure. In return for this privilege, I ask only for a tree or plant to mark the beginning of a new little being.


A more unique request was to help with the naming of a boat which was loads of fun.  

Pet Services. As a pet owner I have been in the unfortunate and stressful position of losing some of my friends. Dogs, cats, horses, a dearly loved pig Amy and some of my smaller furry friends. With these losses and my work within the field of grief, I'm now wishing to add this humbling role to the services that I offer. Once again, please feel free to call or email with queries.


If you've got to the end of this page "thanks" and be sure that

 "I try my best, I'm only human and any excuse for a celebration should be embraced"!