Wedding Day Calamities & For Something Special

Wedding Day Calamities!!!

Your wedding day. It's supposed to be one of the most wonderful days of your life. But sometimes, things can go wrong - and they do!

Having someone lead the service who can 'improvise' can help in the event of any calamities that may arise. Usually these can be avoided and quickly sorted without the guests or even the Happy Couple knowing ~

For example:

  • The music wouldn't work within a garden setting - A music channel on the radio sufficed albeit 'The Coast'
  • The music wasn't there at all! - A downloaded version on an IPod did the trick
  • Wedding rings lost in a garden by an enthusiastic little member of the family - quietly found with a load of laughter that dispelled worried looks from the Bride and Groom
  • Happy couples 'bundle of joy' wakes and decides it's time to cry - Service carried out with baby in the arms of myself
  • No photographer - All good as I became 'multi-tasked'
  • Not enough umbrellas (if any) on a beautiful summers day at the beach when there was a downpour - A bit too bad for myself and the guests as we were drenched but the happy couple stayed nice and dry - well sort of (Too bad the same couldn't be said for their license)
  • Not booking an alternative venue in time for special day/time ie.e 11/11/11 @ 11.11am as weather atrocious - So, two services were held; one at stated indoor venue then another 'mock' wedding at alternative venue, on time!!

These moments are just a few that have happened in the past but were all thankfully resolved with most people in attendance 'none the wiser'

And for something Special 


During the past few years I have established my family of doves. These are simply the loveliest of birds and can have their own personalities.

Quite often they'll follow me around the property, especially if they're hungry and want my attention!

    Doves represent love, peace and are known as messengers

  • When released I believe they can offer:

Newly Weds: The gift of a new relationship as they release two doves to take with them the couples vows of love and wishes for a long, nurturing life together

Bereaved families: The hope that loving memories of their loved one is with their spirit and they can fly free from the grief and or pain that they leave behind and to be at peace

  • Weather and distance can play a major part with the release of doves. There could be times that they are offered but unable to be released. They could though, be taken to a venue and presented in their cage to represent what it would mean to release them.