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What's The Cost

Weddings, Civil Unions & Vow Renewal

  • $300 for services within the town boundary of Invercargill/or within reason. Extra travel costs for 'out-of-town' services which are negotiable: Includes

Initial meeting; phone/email calls; use of a book that I loan for ideas; rehearsal (if you choose to have one); the 'Big' day itself!


  • Costs vary between funeral homes and are at the discretion of the Funeral Director and family. Usually they can range from $425 upward

Baby Naming

  • In return for this privilege I ask only for a tree or plant to mark the beginning of a new little being

Other Celebrations

  • Depending on the celebration, costs are negotiable and anything's possible!!


  • Welcome Baby Horseshoes          $25
  • Wedding Horseshoes                     $35
  • Memory Horseshoes                       $35
  • Wedding shoes can be requested with a certain 'colour theme' if you wish.
  • All are different so are unique


 Please contact me if you need information. I'll be glad to help you!


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